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Lakin Afolabi Law is a team of criminal lawyers in London, Ontario. A criminal conviction can be devastating to your life. We work with you to find alternatives to criminal convictions and get the best results for you. Talk with us today.

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    Criminal Lawyers London Ontario

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    Criminal Defence

    What we believe about Criminal Defence

    Are you or someone dear to you in legal trouble, or charged with a criminal offence? No one plans on getting charged and needing to hire a criminal lawyer. But it happens. Criminal charges can dramatically change your life, even before you are found guilty.

    Bail conditions can prevent you from going to certain places and talking to certain people, even your own family. Sometimes you are forced to report to police regularly and surrender your firearms. Other times you cannot access the internet or drive a vehicle.

    Strict bail terms often cost innocent people their relationships and jobs. A criminal lawyer can make a significant difference.

    Straightforward Advice

    The criminal justice system is very complicated and nuanced. In some cases, taking a matter to trial is ideal. In others, it’s not. The Courts take an early guilty plea as a sign of remorse. This is then a “mitigating factor” for an accused person in sentencing.

    Simply put, you are sentenced more leniently for taking responsibility by pleading guilty. A person before the courts will always have two decisions that they must make on their own. Should you go to trial or plead guilty? And if you go to trial should you testify?

    Our job as criminal lawyers is to give you as much advice and direction as possible.

    Everyone has different reasons for their decisions. As a result, you may choose a course of action that might not be what we recommend. Though we make no guarantees, we do try our best to predict the chances of success with each choice, and work hard to ensure we obtain it.

    At Lakin Afolabi Law, we believe that comfortable lies don’t help anyone. The truth may be painful, but it’s better to know exactly what you are getting into instead of being blind-sided when the Court renders a ruling.

    Straightforward Advice
    A Human Approach to Law

    Thorough Preparation

    “The truth is that for every great one hour of cross-examination, you have to spend about 50 hours preparing alone in your office, late at night, when no one else is around. It’s completely unglamorous and completely nothing more or less than very hard work.” – Eddie Greenspan (1944-2014)

    This quote by a legendary advocate informs our fanatical and meticulous approach to trial preparation. It’s completely possible that a lawyer can win a case he should lose, when he is well prepared. There are no do-overs before a judge and jury. An innocent person has only one chance to defend himself against a prosecution.

    If you take that chance with the Lakin Afolabi Law team, you will not be disappointed.


    “Thanks, Lakin for your incredible service.

    “I love the service that I received from Lakin Afolabi (Miracle man), that’s what I call him, he is easy to talk to, and he has your best interest at heart. I was looking at a conditional discharge, but with Lakin’s smooth talking and on point argument the judge gave me an absolute discharge, Lakin made some excellent points that I believe the judge looked into and helped make his final decision.”

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    You will be heard. We will fight for you and relentlessly advocate for you as you navigate the tricky court system.