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    London Ontario Immigration lawyers

    We are an extremely client centered team of lawyers. We offer full services in all areas of immigration law. We pride ourselves in keeping you up to date and informed of the process and preparing to obtain the best result for you.

    • Judicial review
    • PRRA (Pre-removal risk assessment)
    • Inadmissibility
    • Supervisa
    • Invitation letters
    • Express entry
    • Temporary Resident Visas
    • Work Permit
    • Student Permit
    • Sponsorship
    • Refugee application
    • Caregiver visa
    • Self-employment
    • Atlantic Immigration pilot
    • Startup visa
    • Agri-food pilot
    • Temporary resident permits

    Our Process

    1. We listen and plan with you
    If we do not know what you want, we cannot help you get it. If you do not tell us we cannot know. If we don’t listen, you cannot tell us. That is why me make a point of carefully listening and fully understanding what you want to achieve.
    After we understand it, we plan how we are going to get it. We come up with the best action plan to help you get what you want out of the immigration process.

    2. We prepare you for success
    a. Small things make big differences. The IRCC asks for many different documents to support your application. They are very detailed and specific in what they ask for. Filling out the forms the wrong way or making small errors can result in big consequences. Your application may even be denied.

    b. We give you a roadmap for success and make sure we keep open communication with you during the process so that you know what we need from you and we know what you need from us.

    3. We submit your application
    a. Once we get everything we need from you, we organize it and make sure nothing is missing. If there is anything else we need, we will tell you so that we can put together the perfect application.

    b. We will then meet with you with you for one final look on everything. You sign and then we send it off with full confidence that we have put together the very best application we can for you.

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