What are the Different Types of Impaired Driving/DUI/Drunk Driving Offences?

All the different types of drunk driving offences are outlined in section 253 of the criminal code. This section makes it an offence for a person to operate or have “care and control” of a motor vehicle while s/he is impaired.

This section also states that it is an offence for a person to operate or have “care and control” of a motor vehicle if there is more than eighty milligrams of alcohol in every hundred millilitres of his/her blood.

What Does it Mean to Have “care and control” of a motor vehicle?

Whether or not someone has care and control of a motor vehicle is determined on a case by case basis. If a person is found to be in the driver’s seat of a vehicle they are presumed to be in care and control of that vehicle.

In order for an impaired person to be found guilty of having care and control of a vehicle, the prosecutor must show that that person deliberately did something that had a risk of putting the vehicle in motion in a situation that the vehicle would be a danger to the public.

What is the Legal Definition of Impairment?

The law states the slightest bit of impairment will be enough for a person to be found guilty of this offence. Also impairment is only in relation to a person’s ability to drive and not necessarily how intoxicated they are.

Proof of impairment of a person’s ability to do other things is not necessarily proof of impairment to drive.

Did you Know?

You can also be charged with impaired driving if the impairment is as a result of a drug?

Take the Next Steps

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