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    Charged with a Criminal Offence?

    Even though you have a right to reasonable bail, it is possible that you can be
    detained unless you are released by the order of a Justice in a bail Court.

    If you are presumed innocent of an offence and still denied bail, you risk being held in jail until the day your trial is completed.
    Lakin Afolabi Law is a criminal defence team in London, Ontario. We have conducted bail hearings for people charged with the most serious criminal offences- including murder, attempted murder, and other grievous offences.
    If you or someone you know is wanted by the police or considering turning him/herself in to the authorities, our criminal defence lawyers are available 24 hours a day.

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    Criminal Defence Charges

    Criminal Defence Charges With most charges under the Criminal Code, the law states that a person arrested has to either be released or be brought before a justice within 24 hours of his/her arrest if they are not released by police.

    A person must then be released unless the prosecutor can show why they should continue to be detained. In circumstances with more serious charges, the law makes it the job of the defence lawyer to explain why an accused person should be released. This is referred to as a “reverse onus.”