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Future Criminal Lawyer Scholarship

Our criminal lawyers in London, Ontario welcome any students interested in law to apply and showcase your passion in criminal justice. We look forward to your submissions and best of luck!

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    Award Value

    The award for this scholarship will be $1,000 (CDN) awarded to the best submission based on the topic below.

    Award Name

    Lakin Afolabi Law Scholarship 2020

    Application Deadline

    July 31, 2020

    The Scholarship Topic

    To participate in this scholarship, we asked students to answer this one question:

    To what degree, if any, should race in general and particularly the race of an accused person play a role in the criminal justice system?
    Please answer the topic with a minimum of 500 words and submitted as a Google Doc or MS Word Format.

    Eligibility Requirements

    What to Submit

    Applicants must submit an essay format document in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word

    Proof of enrolment must be attached when submitting

    Students must provide their Name, Address and Phone Number

    Who Can Apply

    Anyone who is accepted to a University or currently pursuing any degree or certificate program at a University or College with an intention to pursue a legal education within the next 5 years

    Application Instructions

    Please submit all applications to

    Application deadline is July 31, 2020

    Subject line must be: “Lakin Afolabi Law Scholarship 2020

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